A visual journal


Salvia involucrata

Pink flower spike of Salvia Involucrata

This Salvia has flowered and flowered.

The pink spikes still glowing – even in October.

Nicandra physalodes

The shoo fly plant

Nicandra physalodes – the shoo-fly plant.

It is an annual that I grow for these wonderful seed heads

That have graced the garden nearly all summer.






Busy Year – Big Silence (sorry)


dahlia flowerLike this Dahlia – The Turning Year has been neglected for the past 8 months – if anyone is still there ….

While I may not post every day – I will try to be more frequent







Iris ‘Katherine Hodgkin’

Thankfully the year has turned once again …

I have left behind my January funk

Today I was greeted by these Iris “Katherine Hodgkin”

Simply lovely.

Black Beauty

The dark annual poppy (Papaver somniferum) has gently self seeded in the garden

Flowers from the Garden

A grey and blustery day today

Followed by high winds and wet rain this evening.

Feels like November – but the flowers remind me that it is still summer.

A lull in the rain

Massive down-pours of rain throughout the day

Trust me – Our garden here in “Wet Wales” doesn’t need any more rain

We have had quite enough – thank you very much.

More rain on the way tomorrow.


Last year I grew Monarda from seed.

This year it has started to flower

I love it!

And so do the bees

(But my neighbour says it is a silly looking flower!)

Summer Colour

Long absence – lack of computer and lack of time.

Now have new computer – but still a lack of time!

Although I will make time to get back into the habit of a photograph every day.

(Well …. nearly every day)

Especially as the garden is looking very summery just now.

WordPress have introduced this new template, which I think suits a “photo-blog” very well.

(Although I still need to sort out the header image)

What do you think?

Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

Tulip ‘White Triumphator’

This tulip has done really well in the garden this year.

And illuminates the garden at dusk