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tired tuesday


Tuesdays are the hardest day for me to take my daily photographs.

It is the day when I have the “vertical gardens” to do

When I have to leave my car in a car park a fair distance from the gardens.

So, as I am loaded down with gardening equipment

I don’t take my camera.

This is the Amelanchier in my garden,

Which was a treat for me when I got home.

Bar-B-Que tonight!


I am now in my summer walking sandals

As opposed to my boots.

Tonight we are going to a  bar-b-que

So that pretty much guarantees that it will rain

From tomorrow until September!

Snake’s Head Fritillary


The Garden I was in to-day has a beautiful patch of Snake’s head fritillary.

So I am suffering from serious “Snakes’ head fritillary envy”

They are quite beautiful.