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End of the Year


I find it incredible that it is the end of 2008 all-ready.

Where did the year go to?

Warm wishes to all for 2009.

Trees at Sunset


I see dancing women – what do you see in the trees at Sunset?

Nest builders


“Come live with me and be my love …..”

We have a pair of ring-collared doves who live in the garden and I enjoy watching their antics.

This picture, however is calling out for speech bubbles –  feel free to leave your own thoughts on what they are saying

(as long as they are not too rude).

The Estuary


Fabulous day to-day – perhaps we should have gone for a walk! Instead a we had a long and leisurely lunch with family and friends.

December Grey


Although we live in a beautiful part of the country – it can also appear very bleak. To-day was one of those days, where the sea and the sky are just …. grey and somewhat melancholy.

Winter Solstice


Ancient burial mound.

To-day was grey, no sunrise, no sunset, with darkness arriving early, it is the shortest day …. or longest night.

It is no surprise that our ancestors feared that the sun had gone – never to return.

But return it will – and we celebrate.



Sea-Fever by John Masefield is one of my favourite poems.  When I went to the beach this afternoon the lines;-

“I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky …..

Seemed so very apt.

Do Sheep get Cold Toes?


It is cold, grey and wet with a biting wind here to-day, and as I was driving home, I wondered “Do sheep feel the cold and don’t their feet get very chilly?”

Bah, humbug!


“An Angel for Beth”

Embroidery and mixed media, (detail)

This year I am NOT full of Christmas cheer and spirit. To-day I bought and wrote my Christmas cards – and as I was writing them – I thought the designs I had chosen were rubbish. (We don’t have many shopping choices locally).

Why did I not think about Christmas a month ago – and make my own cards from one of my designs – I say it every year and never give myself enough time ….. bah humbug!

Grey ….


Today has been wet, miserable, cold, and all together horrid.

So this black and white picture from yesterday reflects my mood to a T

Grey and Depressing.