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Iris ‘Katherine Hodgkin’

Thankfully the year has turned once again …

I have left behind my January funk

Today I was greeted by these Iris “Katherine Hodgkin”

Simply lovely.

Creeping towards Autumn


It wont be long before the Autumn Equinox.

And while we are still enjoying the most lovely Indian Summer

The Year is creeping towards Autumn

And the dew is lying heavy in the mornings.

Echinacea – again!


Another Echinacea without a label!

This is the first time this one has flowered, as I bought it as a plug plant at the end of last year.

I am so enamoured with Echinacea, that I have ordered some more plug plants for next year.

Who can resist names like “Hot Papaya”, “Tiki Torch” and “Tomato Soup”

I certainly can’t!



A friend ordered an Echinacea collection for me.

4 small plants, which arrived in the Spring

They didn’t have any labels –

But I think the collection was E.Sunrise, E. Doubledecker, E. Kims Knee High, E. Sunset.

One plant died

Every morning I rush out to check the progress of the flowers

And see if I can work out which one is which!

(I decided this one is probably Kim’s knee high).

A spot of rain


Another very hot and muggy day

But we did have a spot of rain this evening –

Well, perhaps 40 spots

Enough to freshen the air so that the scent of the lily

Graces the garden.

Not in my Garden …Yet!


Arriving at one of my customers this afternoon,

This joy-full sight greeted me.

(You can tell it’s not my garden, as there are no pink trugs in the background)

Hopefully we will be able to save some seed,

So next year, there will be these delicious red “papaver somniferum” in the Artist’s Garden


Later in the day …


Downpours of rain all day to-day,

So this mornings rose, now looks like this.

Also I am still unsure if Blotanical is picking up my new feed.

So if anyone finds this via Blotanical could you let me know!

Testing Feedburner


Those of you that read “The Turning Year” via Blotanical

May be aware that there has been as issue with wordpress/blotanical feeds

So this post is to test a feedburner feed and see what happens.

au revoir


Very sad to say goodbye to my lovely peony until next year.

Each morning for the past three weeks

She has given me such delight.



As a general rule I don’t have anything in my garden

That has thorns,

Is Spikey or prickly

Or can hurt me as I move around the garden.

(I have too much of that at work)

I have made an exception for this

Eryngium Varifolium