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Sunlight and Sedge


The January sun shine lights up a Hook sedge (Uncinia rubra)

As it dances in the breeze

Fading Camellia Flower


In Spring, it is easy to focus on the new, the bright, the beautiful.

And to miss the intrinsic qualities of the old, the brown, the fading.

Nest builders


“Come live with me and be my love …..”

We have a pair of ring-collared doves who live in the garden and I enjoy watching their antics.

This picture, however is calling out for speech bubbles –  feel free to leave your own thoughts on what they are saying

(as long as they are not too rude).

New Camera Lens


No1 Son and No1 Daughter-in-Law are visiting, and gave me a new lens for my camera.

How happy am I?


Frosty Morning


December frost on the leaves

November Sunset


The joy of living on the West coast, is the wonderful sunsets.

The Leaves of the Acer


The leaves of my Acer tree are totally inspiring and a welcome sight on a dreary Autumn day.

The Ash Tree

November sunlight, jackdaws, and the Ash Tree