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Imagine Life without the World Wide Web


I was doing some research on-line to day then things went a bit weird. Every Google search came up with the words “This site may harm your computer”

At first I just thought it was because of one of the words I had used in my search – then I noticed websites like Amazon were also included in the sites that may harm my computer …. strange.

Than I thought I would test it on An Artists Garden blog – presumably pictures of flowers wouldn’t hurt my computer ….. it seems it would.

Concerned that my server was corrupted in some way, the next step was an urgent phone call to No1 son – my computer guru.

Fascinating – the same thing was happening for him (phew it wasn’t just Mother being stupid then)

After half an hour – Google had sorted itself out and using the search engine normally had returned.  Google had not broken the web, even though for 15 minutes it managed to flag the whole Internet as malware.

But imagine if there was no world wide web anymore

Edit / Update.  If you want to read Google’s explanation No1 Son had given me the link for it here