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Tax Return 3 – Garden 0



Taa-daa, A snowdrop


My first snowdrops for this year have arrived in the garden.

I don’t have very many, as last year they got undermined by a mole.

Tax return 0 – Kitchen Garden 3


Fabulous weather today.

I should have been in the studio

I should have done my tax return

But instead I spent the day in the kitchen garden preparing it for for sowing vegetables.

Much nicer.

Flotsam or Jetsam


Flotsam, Jetsam, rubbish or beach art?

Sunlight and Sedge


The January sun shine lights up a Hook sedge (Uncinia rubra)

As it dances in the breeze

Fading Camellia Flower


In Spring, it is easy to focus on the new, the bright, the beautiful.

And to miss the intrinsic qualities of the old, the brown, the fading.

Lovely January Day


A lovely, lovely day to-day, and the longest time that I have spent in the garden for some months.

I cut back some of the old hellebore leaves – to give the buds some air.

Snowdrops – Anyone?


I took this picture on the 20th January 2008 – but I have no sign of snowdrops in the garden today.

Does anyone have snowdrops in their garden?



Sunshine and showers, and the days are getting a little bit longer, what a joy.

No gale, but one fallen tree


The gales passed us by, although we did have some high winds.

Unfortunately,  our winter flowering camellia was a casualty

It was, I think quite old and had been looking sickly since we moved here.

Sad that it fell down – but it gives me a planting opportunity.