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Gales to-night?


Now the scaffolding has moved from our house to next door’s house, I have put my bench back in its rightful place overlooking the garden.

When the wind blows, the scaffolding sings – to night Gales of up to 75 mph are predicted, so I am expecting an opera.

January Greys


It is cold, grey, wet and windy here to-day.

Have I mentioned how much I dislike January?

So here is a poll for you.

Shall a make a sunset slide show to drive away the January Grey?

Post Christmas Bug


I wont be posting for a little while – Shedman and I have gone down with a horrid post Christmas bug, him first, me to-day.

I wanted this blog to be what I was up to “on the day” obviously this picture is from the 3rd January 2009.  I did attempt some photos to-day, I couldn’t manage to hold the camera steady, and didn’t have enough energy to sort out the tripod.

(sigh, cough, snuffle, grump)

Back in the Studio


Back in the studio to-day, and I can assure you – my desk did not look this tidy this morning.  I had to spend the day sorting out the mess that I had abandoned there before Christmas.  Sometimes it seems that the smaller the piece of work – the greater the mess.

Why should that be?

My worst time of Year is now …


Bitingly cold to-day, and grey.  Although we walked today – it was so dark, that only a few of the pictures that I took came out, and they are destined for my other blog.  So I have treated myself to another shot from yesterdays sunset.

A view of the mountains and the sand dunes after the sun had set.

Grey days in January are the pits.

Oh No! Not another lovely sunset ….


Oh Yes …  I am afraid it is!

We have really had the most wonderful weather for the past three weeks. Although cold – it has certainly been down to -5 c a couple of time during the night.  The days have been glorious.  Clear sky, sunshine during the day, no wind and no rain.

It has certainly made up for the dire summer – which I really hope will not be repeated this year.

Standing Sentinel


Visiting family in another part of Wales to-day, and I have a fascination with the wind farms that are becoming part of our skyline.

To me they seem as if they are standing sentinel over the landscape