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The climbing beans are now in full swing

This year I planted the yellow ‘Goldenfield’

Plus my two favorite varieties:-  ‘Blauhilde’ which is purple

And the green ‘Blue Lake”



Well not quite yet, but at long last the broad beans are flowering …


I had quite given up on all my beans this year, as they seem to have sat a sulked for weeks, if not months.

But things are looking up now.

The French Beans refused …

To go back into the Greenhouse tonight!


I am doing the “Seed Tray Shuffle”

With a variety of tender plants at the moment.

We have glorious days – but the night time temperatures are quite chilly.

During the day – the French beans – still in their root trainers

Clung to their supports and refused to let go,

So I planted them.

I will be away for a week from tomorrow

You can still add captions to this

(Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions)

As Susan wont be making her decision until next weekend.

Bye for now.

Little bundles of flavour


Onion sets have arrived …


To wet to plant them to-day … maybe tomorrow

In the Kitchen Garden


I seem to be very late in sowing seeds in the kitchen garden.

I don’t know if this is so, as I haven’t checked my notes from last year.

But to-day I did sow the beetroot – under these demijohns