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Imbolc – midway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

Living here in this timeless landscape

I walk the ancient drovers road and feel close to the changing seasons and

The Turning Year.

Wind Turbine


I do hope you all had a Happy Easter Break.

Ours was fabulous, as the weather was so good

And we got loads done in the garden.

To-day I was out and about visiting

I know that I have posted a picture of wind turbines before

I do find them quite awesome

Especially when they seem to pop up over a mountain

And look at you, as you drive past.

Evening Light


It is 5.45 pm and there is still some light in the sky.

The evenings are starting to draw out.


Captions Welcome – Number 2


I had such fun reading all the captions you left on this post.

So here is another one.

Feel free to leave a comment (not too grubby!)

Standing Sentinel


Visiting family in another part of Wales to-day, and I have a fascination with the wind farms that are becoming part of our skyline.

To me they seem as if they are standing sentinel over the landscape

New Year


Another New Year! While the new year may be exciting and full of potential – it is not a time of year that I am particularly fond of … but as I get older – I am learning to appreciate it.

End of the Year


I find it incredible that it is the end of 2008 all-ready.

Where did the year go to?

Warm wishes to all for 2009.

Trees at Sunset


I see dancing women – what do you see in the trees at Sunset?

The Estuary


Fabulous day to-day – perhaps we should have gone for a walk! Instead a we had a long and leisurely lunch with family and friends.

Winter Solstice


Ancient burial mound.

To-day was grey, no sunrise, no sunset, with darkness arriving early, it is the shortest day …. or longest night.

It is no surprise that our ancestors feared that the sun had gone – never to return.

But return it will – and we celebrate.