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Premature Peony?


Last year I divided a peony for a customer.

I planted the divisions around his garden,

And bunged one in a pot here at home.

(As you do).

I thought I would see if it was still alive – as my garden peonies have started to grow ….

It is very much alive, and seems to think it is summer.

Dividing Hostas


Divide Hostas using two forks placed back to back”.

Other tools required, arms the length of an octopus – preferably belonging to someone else.

Sharp tool – edging half moon, pruning saw, stanley knife, which ever is close to hand.

Strong man to remove clump of  hostas when you get it stuck on the end of the fork.

First Butterfly


My first butterfly sighting of the year.

Unfortunately, not in my garden.

Long Day …

Long day, tired to-night.

However, this view from the garden

is why I like living on the West Coast.


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Pink Blossom on a Grey Day


A dreary day to-day.

The pink blossom on the dark leaved prunus

Danced in the breeze

Lighting up the gloom.

Fallen flowers


For some reason I am completely “cream crackered” and have been for a few days now.

I am sure it will pass and normal posting will resume,

Both here and there

No! Don’t grow, go back


We have had a mild spell for the past few weeks – but to-day it has been high winds, lashing rain and has turned very chilly – with even colder weather to come.

2 days ago I was pleased to see this hardy geranium “black beauty” pushing up through the soil – now I wish it had waited a bit longer.

A false start to March?


After yesterdays glorious red sunset, Tatyana – I have to tell you that to-day was dull and rainy.

More worrisome is the forecast for the end of the week.

Temperatures of -2 and snow!

Given the mild weather we have experienced, things have started sprouting and blossoming in the garden …

They are in for a shock.

6 p.m.

And the sun is only just setting after a glorious March day.


Dydd Gwyl Dewi Dedwydd –  Happy St David’s Day to you