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The View from a Garden


Working in town to-day –

Always a double edged sword at this time of year as the town is full of visitors –

But the garden I was in – was high above the hullabaloo

And the day was sunny



The garden I was working in to-day is very …

well …. Yellow!

I have a friend arriving to stay for a few days,

So following on from yesterdays thought that I must get out more

I expect I will – but I wont be posting here again until next week.

Not in my Garden …Yet!


Arriving at one of my customers this afternoon,

This joy-full sight greeted me.

(You can tell it’s not my garden, as there are no pink trugs in the background)

Hopefully we will be able to save some seed,

So next year, there will be these delicious red “papaver somniferum” in the Artist’s Garden




Gunnera manicata is one of my least favorite plants … I think.

I did grow it in one of my gardens, way back when.

I would not grow it in this garden – too prickly

Not to mention too big.

But I can admire it (kind of) in my friends gardens.


azaleaIn the garden that I was working in today –

This azalea added a splash of colour

To a grey and windy afternoon.



This little Magnolia Tree in a friends garden

Looked so sad last year.

So it was pruned and fed

And this year has rewarded my friend with lots of blooms.

Although a few of them are still turning black and rotting before opening up

Any thoughts on why this should happen?

Snake’s Head Fritillary


The Garden I was in to-day has a beautiful patch of Snake’s head fritillary.

So I am suffering from serious “Snakes’ head fritillary envy”

They are quite beautiful.

The Nitty-gritty of the garden


I was working in one of my customers gardens to-day.

While scrabbling around under a large conifer – I came across these kitting needles stuck in the ground.

Bemused, I asked C. (A formidable gardener, I think she may be in her early 80’s)

“Why are there knitting needles stuck in the ground under the tree?”

After a little while, with a very wicked twinkle in her eye, C replied.

“That Karen, is the Knitty-Gritty of the Garden”