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Later in the day …


Downpours of rain all day to-day,

So this mornings rose, now looks like this.

Also I am still unsure if Blotanical is picking up my new feed.

So if anyone finds this via Blotanical could you let me know!

Scented delight


I wish I had “smelly-vision” so that I could share with you

The delightful scent of the peony.

It has 5 blooms on it –

Which is such a treat, as it was chopped down last year

(by mistake)

and moved.

Greetings cards


Today I was

At the computer

Creating greetings cards

From my images,

For a fair next week.

But that was OK as it was very cold and wet outside.

Don’t forget to leave your comments on yesterdays “captions invited”

(Otherwise Susan will have nothing to pick a winner from)

Have a great weekend.

Gnarly tree


One of my Wednesday gardens has a wonderful old pear tree.

It no longer produces much fruit –

But, it is a thing of beauty.

In my eyes.

Greening Up


We have a very large weeping willow at the bottom of the garden, and today from the house it definitely had a green tinge.

When I went to look – the leaves were starting to sprout.  The world around here is “greening up”

First Dandelion


The promised snow did not arrive, and we had an altogether glorious day – which was nice as I went back to work (as a gardener).

This is the first dandelion that I have spotted in the garden – last year I noticed them for GBBD, 15th March.

Pussy Willow – simply beautiful


Visited my neighbors land to-day to get some of these beautiful branches.

(Thank you Sandra)

Here is some folk lore about how the pussy willow got its name

Fog to-day.


The pond in February


My garden pond on a wet February afternoon ….


Evening Light


It is 5.45 pm and there is still some light in the sky.

The evenings are starting to draw out.