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First swim of the Year


Here in the UK we are having a heat wave.

To-day it was 106 F. in the garden –

Far to hot for work ….

So my friends and I took time out to swim in the sea.

They have been going for a dip for the past month!

But it was my first time this year.


Porthmadog Harbour


Meeting up with a friend in Porthmadog – I did remember my camera to-day!

Evening Light


It is 5.45 pm and there is still some light in the sky.

The evenings are starting to draw out.


January Greys


It is cold, grey, wet and windy here to-day.

Have I mentioned how much I dislike January?

So here is a poll for you.

Shall a make a sunset slide show to drive away the January Grey?

Oh No! Not another lovely sunset ….


Oh Yes …  I am afraid it is!

We have really had the most wonderful weather for the past three weeks. Although cold – it has certainly been down to -5 c a couple of time during the night.  The days have been glorious.  Clear sky, sunshine during the day, no wind and no rain.

It has certainly made up for the dire summer – which I really hope will not be repeated this year.

December Grey


Although we live in a beautiful part of the country – it can also appear very bleak. To-day was one of those days, where the sea and the sky are just …. grey and somewhat melancholy.



Sea-Fever by John Masefield is one of my favourite poems.  When I went to the beach this afternoon the lines;-

“I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky …..

Seemed so very apt.

The Harbour in November


Barmouth Harbour in November