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Stuck in the Studio


Spent most of the day in the studio and at the computer playing around with this image, trying to incorporate it into an embroidery.

No luck yet.

Re-organizing the studio


Decided to reorganize the studio spaces.

Was this prompted by the need for spring cleaning

Or procrastination?

Both, probably.

Skeleton Leaves


A day in the studio planning new work

Snug in the Studio


No snow – but bitterly cold to-day.

The only place to be was hunkered down in the Studio, which stays quite warm.

Warmer than our old stone house!

Thanks so much for all the brilliant captions that you left on yesterdays post –

I think I am going to do that more often – it is such fun!

Back in the Studio


Back in the studio to-day, and I can assure you – my desk did not look this tidy this morning.  I had to spend the day sorting out the mess that I had abandoned there before Christmas.  Sometimes it seems that the smaller the piece of work – the greater the mess.

Why should that be?

Bah, humbug!


“An Angel for Beth”

Embroidery and mixed media, (detail)

This year I am NOT full of Christmas cheer and spirit. To-day I bought and wrote my Christmas cards – and as I was writing them – I thought the designs I had chosen were rubbish. (We don’t have many shopping choices locally).

Why did I not think about Christmas a month ago – and make my own cards from one of my designs – I say it every year and never give myself enough time ….. bah humbug!

A little bit of Lace


In the studio to-day and this is my current work in progress it will be a small piece only about 20cm x 20cm (7 inches x 7 inches).  It is rather a tongue in cheek look at the fact that most people don’t do dress-making any more.

The title “A little bit of lace” comes from a Great Aunt – who was a wonderful dress-maker, and was often heard saying;-

“A little bit of cream

And a little bit of lace,

Does you no harm”

Grey Day


Such a grey and rainy day to-day, that the studio was the only place to be – making backgrounds for my next embroidery, which will be reminiscent of the summer garden.

A splash of warmth


Photographing my textile jewellery for the ETSY shop – a splash of summer colour in the studio

Rain and more Rain …


…So the studio is the place to be, with “Memories of the Summer