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Cornus Capitata


At the bottom of the garden we have a small tree – “cornus capitata“.

Last year it looked very miserable,

So when we re-did that area of the garden – we moved it,

Into a well nourished bed.

This year, it has produced delightful flowers,

(Which are really bracts)

What a treat.

Gnarly tree


One of my Wednesday gardens has a wonderful old pear tree.

It no longer produces much fruit –

But, it is a thing of beauty.

In my eyes.

Fog to-day.




Sunshine and showers, and the days are getting a little bit longer, what a joy.

New Year


Another New Year! While the new year may be exciting and full of potential – it is not a time of year that I am particularly fond of … but as I get older – I am learning to appreciate it.

Trees at Sunset


I see dancing women – what do you see in the trees at Sunset?

November Sunset


The joy of living on the West coast, is the wonderful sunsets.