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New Year


Another New Year! While the new year may be exciting and full of potential – it is not a time of year that I am particularly fond of … but as I get older – I am learning to appreciate it.

Bah, humbug!


“An Angel for Beth”

Embroidery and mixed media, (detail)

This year I am NOT full of Christmas cheer and spirit. To-day I bought and wrote my Christmas cards – and as I was writing them – I thought the designs I had chosen were rubbish. (We don’t have many shopping choices locally).

Why did I not think about Christmas a month ago – and make my own cards from one of my designs – I say it every year and never give myself enough time ….. bah humbug!

Bundles of Joy


Clearing up to-day, and I found some bulbs that I had forgotten to plant last month.  As to-day was lovely, I popped them into the flower bed.

The large one is Allium – Mount Everest, and the smaller ones are Nectaroscordum (Siculum Honey Lily).

It is very difficult to photograph your own hands holding bulbs, when you have short arms.

December afternoon walk


High Tide on a beautiful December afternoon.

November Sky


I cannot believe that it will be December to-morrow.  A glorious day today – just perfect for a walk along the beach.  I am amazed that no one else was there, but not complaining.