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I worry that

Nothing will grow back in my garden after so much cold weather!

Sunshine! … All day


We have had such a poor July and August,

That we have not had three consecutive dry days

Which made to-day even more special

As it was warm and sunny

And the garden was full of bees and butterflies.

Fed Up!


I am totally fed-up today ….

August is supposed to be a glorious month,

Golden sunshine, warm breeze and happy days

Not this year, “bring back summer” I say.

Out of the Habit


Visitors, a bug, and then filling up my hard drive,

Suddenly I realized that I had gotten out of the habit of a daily shot.

Time to get back into it again.

The wind blew the sunflowers over last night,

But this means they are at ground level …

And I could photograph them.

A spot of rain


Another very hot and muggy day

But we did have a spot of rain this evening –

Well, perhaps 40 spots

Enough to freshen the air so that the scent of the lily

Graces the garden.

Later in the day …


Downpours of rain all day to-day,

So this mornings rose, now looks like this.

Also I am still unsure if Blotanical is picking up my new feed.

So if anyone finds this via Blotanical could you let me know!

Fog to-day.


It’s cold today


Feel free to leave a comment saying what the ring collard dove is thinking.

No gale, but one fallen tree


The gales passed us by, although we did have some high winds.

Unfortunately,  our winter flowering camellia was a casualty

It was, I think quite old and had been looking sickly since we moved here.

Sad that it fell down – but it gives me a planting opportunity.