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Good Walking Weather

We have had wonderful weather for walking –

Cold but bright.

So we have been up and down the prom a few times over the last few days.

And every day this little group of Oystercatchers is huddled on the tide line.

(I think they are Oystercatchers aren’t they?)


Windblown goldfinches

One of the benefits of all the wet weather

Is that the Goldfinches visit the garden to feed as the fields are too soggy.

For the last few days this pair have been regularly eating the Niger Seed

I hope they stay around when the rain stops.

(Edit; oops, forgot to push the publish button! This is yesterdays image)

Sunshine! … All day


We have had such a poor July and August,

That we have not had three consecutive dry days

Which made to-day even more special

As it was warm and sunny

And the garden was full of bees and butterflies.

Out and About


Six spot burnet moth

Not sure that I have seen one of these before.

Young Robin


One of the delights of working in the garden at this time of year is the young birds

Who sometimes look as if they have still to grow into their “grown-up feathers”

Or, as in this case, having a really “bad hair day”!

Weekend Walk on the longest day


To-day is the longest day.

We only had a short walk.

As we were celebrating P’s Birthday

Dobby, P, Snowdrop and I walked into Barmouth

And sat in a harbour cafe and drank hot chocolate ….

With marshmallows AND cream!


Here’s looking at you!


After watching “Springwatch

I decided I must look at gulls

Through new eyes.

Dragonfly Nymph


This dragonfly nymph caught my eye this morning

Just as I was leaving for work –

I would like to have stayed and watched the dragonfly emerging.

But other gardens beckoned.

(Well, their weeds did!)

Lost Lamb


This little lamb was wondering around a very big field all on his own

Calling for his Mum.

Who was in the next field with the rest of the flock



Captions Welcome #2

So there I was working away in the studio,

When this appeared!


Make of him what you will,

Your captions are welcome.