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Flowers from the Garden

A grey and blustery day today

Followed by high winds and wet rain this evening.

Feels like November – but the flowers remind me that it is still summer.


Last year I grew Monarda from seed.

This year it has started to flower

I love it!

And so do the bees

(But my neighbour says it is a silly looking flower!)

Summer Colour

Long absence – lack of computer and lack of time.

Now have new computer – but still a lack of time!

Although I will make time to get back into the habit of a photograph every day.

(Well …. nearly every day)

Especially as the garden is looking very summery just now.

WordPress have introduced this new template, which I think suits a “photo-blog” very well.

(Although I still need to sort out the header image)

What do you think?

Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

February, thank goodness

Daphne bholua “Jacqueling Postill”

Today was a lovely day, cold but bright and clear

Spent the afternoon weeding the empty cutting garden

And marvelled, that at last the beautifully scented Daphne is blooming.


If all the freezing weather we have had this winter kills my baby plants,

Why doesn’t it kill my baby slugs?

Out in the Garden To-day

To-day was dull, but comparatively mild

It was good to get out in the garden for a couple of hours

And clear some of the soggy mess of stems and old foliage.

Actually it was great to be in the garden again

I worry that

Nothing will grow back in my garden after so much cold weather!

Another lovely day and …


The insects in the garden were making the most of the warmth.

Every year I consider taking out these pink Japanese anemone

Then, like to-day I notice them back-lit by the late afternoon sun

And I know they will stay another year.

Sunshine! … All day


We have had such a poor July and August,

That we have not had three consecutive dry days

Which made to-day even more special

As it was warm and sunny

And the garden was full of bees and butterflies.

Seed Head


I think that the seed heads of allium ‘Mount Everest’ are as lovely as the flowers.

I only bought one bulb last year “to try”

So this Autumn I am going to order some more.